Hawa Mahal- Best attraction place for tourists

Travel is the experience which everyone loves to take in their life, but when it comes to selecting the travelling places and tour packages in the period of time everyone would can’t do it. Are you also confused to select what type of tour package should cover Rajasthan? Well, everyone confuses that’s why we bring you the enormous of things in this article which makes easy for yourself to select Jaipur tour packages.

Hawa Mahal- Best attraction place

Hawa Mahal, literally the Winds Palace, was constructed in 1799 as a summer retreat for him and his family by the poet king Sawai Pratap Singh. It also served as a location where the royal household women could observe daily life without themselves being seen.Today; the Mahal is retained by the Rajasthan government's Archeological Department and also houses in the courtyard an archaeological museum.

Hawa Mahal- The royalty of Jaipur Tour Package

The' Hawa Mahal ' or ' Wind Palace ' consists of 953 pink and red-sandstone windows. Such windows cause the breeze to float all over the place and refresh the whole experience and render it memorable. Visit Jaipur with kids and let them see the street from the windows. 

Hawa-Mahal- the scenic attraction in Jaipur

An amazing purple monument is the Hawa Mahal to be visit in Jaipur or the Winds Palace. The building received its title from its lattice-like design and numerous doors that not only permitted the refreshing wind to move, but also enabled royal family females to watch street festivals while staying concealed. This honeycomb-like red and pink sandstone construction consists of 953 windows which make a unique architectural piece.

Hawa Mahal's literal significance is "Palace of Winds!" The architecture is intended to allow continuous circulation of the cold wind in the palace. The countless tiny lights make this lovely historic monument sound very distinct. Jaipur is the colourful city of Rajasthan and a blend of the ancient and the modern. Pink City provides the desires of all travellers from young couples to multi-generation families.


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